Unofficial and new teams

Even when the makers of Subbuteo stopped innovating its community of followers never did. Hence there is a range of teams and players now available that were never part of the Subbuteo Cricket official product range.

Some are creations of schoolboy painters way back when, transferring their Airfix skills into the table sports arena to create their favourite teams they couldn’t buy.

Some could be products made by Subbuteo that never reached the market in the official product range. Prototype coloured clothing players Subbuteo tested but never added to the range, for example.

Some are brand new coloured clothing sets bringing the game right up to date in the 20:20 and IPL era.

Sadly, there are occasionally also con-artists trying to make a quick buck selling fake “rare” teams and sets.

South Africa ??? Other test teams New players and coloured kits
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