Bats and holders TC-G & TC-H

Sold jointly with a bowler and base later on in the flat era as Item 14, as the 00 range was introduced set TC-G was just one bat and holder in a carded bag.

The original card versions (left below) slot into a bowler style base and featured a wire arm with a red rubber sleeve. It is a fairly delicate thing, hence the balls being so light I guess.

The celluloid version (middle below) is very similar, but was even more delicate and prone to snap at the thin joint with the base. Finding unrepaired versions is quite an art.

The plastic versions originally carried forward the arm and sleeve design, slotting the bat handle into a hole in the centre of the base (right below). They also featured the vintage looking yellow coloured bats.

The final, and most common, versions introduced a plastic holder and were definitely easiest to use. Shades of red vary slightly but the design stayed pretty much constant from there. Bats very from early versions in shades of yellow to the last versions in bright white.

Set TC-H was two spare bats, “without base and handle”, as the price lists put it.

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