Introduced in the early 1950s the celluloid set provided an uncreasable development on from the original card sets. Promoted as “unbreakable”, sadly though that claim wasn’t 100% true, particularly for the bowlers!

In most respects the celluloid playing pieces are identical in design to their card predecessors. The ball is slightly smaller and heavier though. Like the card version, the set didn’t include a pitch.

Ready assembled, the celluloid set came in a much larger box with a display tray. The rule book design is very similar to that used in the subsequent 00 scale sets in the 60s, but with very different content as the rules changed considerably with the introduction of catching bases for the plastic men. The card and celluloid rules are a good alternative to the 00 scale game, and well worth trying out.

This was “Set 2” on price lists for the first 10 years of the game’s history.

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