Umpires TC-I

Hailing from the era of Arthur Fagg and Bill Alley, when umpires looked like your grandad, these guys were the stalwart of Subbuteo Cricket sets in the plastic era.

In the card and celluloid era the umpires sat on their own black bases and were individual, with either a blue or red bordered jumper around their waists. The 00 scale versions were a matching pair, almost always white, sporting a brown pork pie hat and tie, and mounted on green bases bearing the Subbuteo name.

Originally sold in boxes as per the batsmen, they later switched to clear plastic bags with a card label.

Some black umpires were produced in two variants – brown hat and tie and a version in the yellow used for painting the bats. I’m not sure if these were ever sold in the TC-I packs (I’ve never come across that), but they do crop up in Test Editions from time to time, though these are fairly unusual.

Another, more common, variant is to have them mounted on the thicker, un-printed green bases (see below right).

In the late 70s and 80s, following their introduction in the Floodlighting edition, the umpires lost their painted tie, which was left as white. These versions are also commonly found now.

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