Social and supplier links

On this page I’m hoping to add further links to sites I’ve enjoyed. For now I’d recommend:

Peter Upton’s Subbuteo Tribute Website

Following the very sad loss of the group’s founder and administrator, Rowland Lyons, Subbuteo Cricket Revival Club Facebook group has transferred to a new site, now called the Subbuteo Cricket Pavilion.

The Subbuteo Cricket Revival Club site has subsequently been relaunched with new admins and so we have two dedicated Facebook discussion groups.

Subbuteo Cricket & Rugby Selling Page Facebook group

The Hobby Magazine at Subbuteo Online

Suppliers of new products for Subbuteo Cricket

There is an increasing amount exciting new teams, playing equipment, pitches and stands available from a growing range of suppliers. You can see examples on our New accessories page or via the links below.

Hoggard 3D Designs

Tiny War Games – Cricket

SA Bases UK

Holymoly1966 on ebay

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