New players and coloured kits

With the advent of floodlit cricket, the explosion of T20 internationals and the rise of the IPL the team colours Subbuteo Cricket needed to thrive eventually arrived. Just a few years too late!

As mentioned elsewhere, Subbuteo did produce trial samples of coloured clothing players. Sadly these never made it to production before the game was discontinued. However, there’s now a wide range of wonderful new kits being produced by painters and enthusiasts.

I’m grateful to fellow enthusiasts Dave, David and Paul for allowing me to share some great examples of the new kits they have in their collections (below).

As well as coloured kits great new player designs in traditional white kits are also being developed – see top of page for one example. Certainly worth following Hoggard 3D Designs Facebook page (See the Links page) to keep up with David’s brilliant designs.

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