Two sets of stumps TC-C

The stump sets were another element that changed considerably between the flat era and the 00 scale game.

In the flat era Set 6 consisted of two sets of stumps, bails and rests (the small dark squares below left). The stumps were free standing and are very fiddly to set up. The bails are so tiny they are often missing from sets and are one of the less common pieces to be able to buy nowadays.

They were also very difficult to place on top of the stumps. I can imagine every wicket in a game being follow by a lengthy re-bailing delay!

In the plastic era these sets became set TC-C. The wicket base became far larger as a result of a rule change, whereby a batsman could be out caught if the ball struck any part of the green base and deflected into a fielder’s catching cup. This was introduced to simulate edges to slips.

Over the years stump and bail colours changed from the rich old yellow colour of the late 60s to ivory and then white in the later box sets.

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