New accessories

There is an increasing range of new, unofficial but excellent accessories becoming available via small manufacturers and 3-D printers.

From bats to bleachers, pitches to pavilions, I’ll be updating this page with a more information in future, but for now you can see some great examples below:

  • Top row – new, far more realistic pitches, including reproductions of some famous squares, from TinyWarGames .
  • Second row – players, balls, screens and different sized bats from Hoggard 3D Designs
  • Third row – New design bowlers and covered stands from HolyMoly1966 – who also offer wooden bats Subbuteo size!
  • I’ve not tried the pieces on these rows but fellow enthusiasts rate them highly.
  • Bottom rows – bleachers made for me by Hoggard 3D. They make for an excellent cricket stadium …. just need the crowd now!!!

Thanks to Dave, David and Richard for the use of their images (above) alongside my own collection.

Our Great grounds page has a range a pictures of these accessories in action.

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