Complete Super Assembled Celluloid Set

Launched over ten years after the first celluloid set, this set proudly announced itself as the “Complete Super Assembled Set with De Luxe Components and marked out Baize Cloth 54 ins. by 36 ins. Measurements of actual playing area approximately 48ins. by 32ins.”

This was the celluloid set but ready assembled and consequently in a larger box. This features a black display insert which shows the set off really well.

It was the only set in the flat era range to include the playing pitch – printed version. This easily made it the premium priced product in the range.

Perhaps because of the price gap, Peter Adolph didn’t discontinue the more basic card and celluloid assembly sets, but retained them to offer a range of price points for his growing audience. The shortest lived box set, it launched in 1962 and was discontinued as the range was replaced by 00 scale sets in 1966.

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