Floodlighting Edition

The Floodlighting set entered the range in its final revamp in 1981. Lasting only two years before the whole range was axed, it now attracts the highest value of any Subbuteo Cricket sets on auction sites. A still cellophane-wrapped unused set fetched over £200 in 2020.

Basically, this is the Club set plus two floodlights in a Test Match sized box. Despite the lid illustration, there is no coloured clothing but the batters and keeper have black pads and it comes with white balls.

The keeper and close fielders generally have blue caps and the umpires no tie painted on (for some reason??). The celluloid bowlers can have either white or green bases for what I’ve seen, while the 00 scale bowler holds a white ball.

The set was launched with a price of £17.50, v £12.50 for Test and £10.50 for Club at the time. Given that the two floodlights were of absolutely no use in trying to create a floodlit arena that you could actually to see to play the game in, there was little value added to justify the big price jump. The set’s failure may well have sealed the fate of the whole range.

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