This is a fans’ site dedicated to Subbuteo Cricket, the best “table top” cricket game ever produced. It’s based on a collection of every (well … very, very nearly every …) playing piece produced for the game from its launch in 1949 to its withdrawal in the 1980s.

If you were a player way back when, I hope this site brings back some very happy memories. The game still has a very active following in the UK and internationally, so if you’re an enthusiast looking to buy a set today, or even a collector, I hope this site is a useful source of information for you.

This site has no commercial purpose and is not intended to infringe any trade marks or brand ownership rights.


About this site and this collection. A brief history of the game and links to other sites.

Ground & Accessories

Baize and nylon pitches, wickets and stumps, fences, scoreboards and those great spectators.

Box Sets

From the earliest card sets to the floodlit era, you can see each set and its contents here.

Rules and Paperwork

Full copies of the rules for the flat players era & the 00 scale sets, plus other paperwork.

Players & Teams

The 00 scale teams, all the different players from the box sets and some new 20:20 kits.

What’s new?

Although manufacture ceased in the 80s the game is going strong & growing.


FB page

New Subbuteo Cricket Revival Page Facebook group launched

Following the very sad loss of founder and administrator Rowland Lyons, the Subbuteo Cricket Revival Club FB group has been superseded by the Subbuteo Cricket Revival Page.

The new site is members only and well worth applying to join to keep up with all-things Subbuteo Cricket.