00 fielding teams TC-A

Set TC-A was sold in five variants, with the sixth (white caps) available in later Club sets but not offered as an individual accessory.

A complete fielding set features a bowler in a fielding base, a wicket keeper, 5 capped close fielders and 4 hands-on-hip outfielders without caps. Its not uncommon to see sets sold with less capped players and more uncapped, but this isn’t how the sets were produced.

The surplus of hands-on-hips fielders around from Test Match boxes (where they were all 9 fielders) probably means they are being used to replace more valuable capped figures by dealers looking to create addition teams from spare figures they have.

The original style boxes were replaced in the 70s by a new, but not particularly protective design. Each style featured pre-printed labels.

Standard BlueStandard RedEngland
AustraliaWest IndiesWhite

At this point there may be a few readers asking themselves “what about South Africa?” Follow this link to find out more.

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