Scorebooks TC-F & other paperwork

Accessory TC-F was a pack of three scorebooks.

Also included in all the box sets, used scoresheets can tell you quite a lot about previous owners and the age of the set. The first owner of a card set I bought dated his first match in the scorebook (between Middlesex and Worcestershire) Sunday 31st July 1949. A check in Wisden revealed the game actually did take place a few days before, so I’m guessing the owner was taken to the game and re-created it in his new cricket set the following week. Making the set an early production 1949 edition.

Also included in sets were various assembly instructions and price lists. Originally cricket-only lists in the flat era, these morphed into generic Subbuteo range price lists and catalogues in the 60s.

My favourite item, however, is the Gummed Numbered Alphabetical Squares – “for fixing onto the bases of fieldsmen”. These helped you identify each fielder individually, so you could tie your scoring into your favourite players. I’ve seen two varieties of these, one suggesting that favourite could be Len Hutton and the other favouring Garfield Sobers.

Also included below are some of the pre-decimal advertising fliers.

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