Flat era accessories-sight screens

Set 13, “A pair of sight screens”, is the only accessory in this era that did not form part of a box set.

It is the rarest Subbuteo Cricket item nowadays. It is aslo the one Subbuteo Cricket product missing from my collection!

In fact until Peter Upton obtained the above photo for his excellent Subbuteo Tribute Website I’d never even seen so much as a picture of one.

Each screen appears to be a piece of white material or card supported by two of the metal flag posts similar to those used in “Set T” in the football range.

Set 13 was not part of the range at launch in 1949, but was introduced some time before 1956 from price lists I have seen. It was certainly still in the range in 1962, but had been dropped by 1965, well before the switch to 00 Scale plastic pieces.

Given its construction it is perhaps not surprising that they don’t appear to have lasted in collections coming up for sale nowadays, making it that rarest of things … a genuinely rare Subbuteo Cricket piece!

Below I’ve tried to reproduce an idea of what it may have looked like.

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