White and blue picket fence

Introduced in the 1971/2 season the classic white and blue cricket picket fence followed the style of its football and rugby equivalents.

Launched in a blue box matching the style of the rest of the range, this box was dropped in favour of using standard football boxes over-stickered on the top and ends. Even this didn’t make the product economic apparently, as it was withdrawn completely in 1976.

When buying this product today its important to remember that its contents are different from the more numerous football sets. The latter, having the gap behind the goals so you could work the keeper, have two less fence panels than the cricket set. The full contents for TC-R is 22 white panels, 4 advertising panels, 4 corner posts and 22 single posts.

If you are buying online it is worth asking the seller to confirm that the set has the correct contents up front. You see a number sold as full sets when they clearly aren’t.

Perhaps because it was relatively short-lived, and never featured in any of the boxed sets, TC-R sets are some of the highest price items coming up for sale now. Blue box sets now regularly seem to go for well over £100 and the green box versions for approaching that figure.

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